About Us

Who are we

Our Mission

U Power ‘s mission is to help our clients by providing most suitable products and make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance. Our customers are our partners.

Our Vision

Entrepreneurship, innovation and reliability we have shaped our understanding of the business , to add sustainable value to every life we touch every area we focus on.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of who we are as a company and as individuals. They determine how we behave with respect to our customers, business partners, colleagues and competitors.
Our values to drive U POWER forwad and most respected global supplier company.

U Power International has four division which has its headquarters in the province of Istanbul. We specialize the provide of machinery and equipments from contruction to industry and oil sector.
We are committed to provide and maintain a high quality products and services to our clients at competitive prices through our well trained and experienced team of management, project managers, engineers and technicians.

The group established decisive policies through which the group can provide the best products and services while maintaining the level of quality through the continuous development and capability of meeting the market needs through professional work grounds that comprise the organizational structure of the group and that can achieve and fulfill these needs through the group activity that includes:
• Providing diesel, gasoline and natural gas generators, UPS, electrical panels.
• Providing of all type of industrial pumps (centrifugal end suction pumps, split case, in-line, circulation, submersible, gear,prograssive cavity, regenerative turbin pumps, side channel, displacement, liquid ring vacuum and heat transfer pumps for all industrial applications.
• Providing of ice machines and mobile cold storages.
• Providing of prefabricated and contanarised buildings (Offices, Dining halls,labor & accommodation camps, refugee, military camps, warehouses, cold rooms, hospitals and clinics, housing and residence units, praying room and mosque buildings,office and administration buildings, WC Shower units-City toilets, security cabins, GSM Shelters, police stations, taxi stations, medical containers)
• Commercial agencies of international companies in the field of diesel engines, pumps, compressors and industrial supplies.
• All mechanical works including the installation, operation, maintenance and overhauls.
• Installation and supply of fuel dispenser systems.
• Design and install of renewable energy systems and solar systems.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the completeness and timeliness of our services, ranging from design to manufacturing of machinery, components and accessories, followed by a phase of testing and validation. At the end, the post-sale service of U Power is available to our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

Sustainability means aligning our business strategy to meet social needs, while minimizing environmental impact and advancing social development.

At U POWER, we solve the problems for customers and find solutions that make things better for environment and the economy.


We provide industrial solutions to the energy sector in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. These includes engineering and Construction materials, workforce solutions, operations and maintenance, and the provision of industrial equipment and products.


We work with a sense of urgency and determination to face the challenges in our markets. We collaborate closely with our clients and technology partners to deliver what we have promised. We set ourselves the highest standards. Importantly, we look to learn more from our setbacks than our achievements.


We see our success in investing to create sustainable long-term value for our clients, our technology partners, our local communities and ultimately ourselves. Our investment results in executing projects in a cost-effective manner whilst we develop local content, manage execution risks, enable technology transfer and create jobs where they are desperately needed.