Speck Liquid Rings Vacuum Pumps

•    High-quality, reliable pumps which are suitable for many industrial applications.
•    Great variety of graded pump sizes which span a large range of delivery volumes
•    Broad portfolio of different designs: Robust standard designs, pumps that are free of dead space, pumps suitable for delivery of water shares, operating water-saving pumps and low-noise, two-stage pumps

•    Single-stage and two-stage pumps, with and without flap valves
•    Close-coupled pumps and base plate pumps
•    Mechanical seals, depending on the medium
•    Usually with a single mechanical seal, but also available with a double-acting mechanical seal
•    VZ model series also with a magnetic coupling
•    Various material designs: Non-ferrous metal, grey cast iron and stainless steel

Performance range
•    Qmax 2.2 – 1600 m³/h (50 Hz)
•    Pmin 33 – 150 mbar abs.
•    pmin 5 mbar abs. with gas ejector
•    Base plate pumps with type examination certificate and ATEX (II 1G IIB+H2 cbk TX)
•    Close-coupled pumps with ATEX II 2G cb TX

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