•    Single-stage, axially split casing, double-suction pumps.
•    Double entry radial impeller has hydraulic thrust compensation.
•    Suction and discharge flanges are along the same line.
•    Upper body is lighter than the lower body and joins it in such a waythat it is easily assembled.
•    Double suction pumps have the advantage of low NPSH (net positive suction head) features.
•    U-SPLT-Long type: heavy service type. Is suitabel for soft gasket application and the use of a mechanical seal is optional.
•    High-quality, reliable pumps which are suitable for many industrial applications.
•    Great variety of graded pump sizes which span a large range of delivery volumes
•    Broad portfolio of different designs: Robust standard designs, pumps that are free of dead space, pumps suitable for delivery of water shares, operating water-saving pumps and low-noise, two-stage pumps
•    CPH series pumps are single stage, end suction volute type pumps. Open impellers are used in accordance with DIN 24 256 and TSE-EN 22 858 standarts.
•    Suction and discharge flanges are according to DIN 2533 standard.
•    The impellers are balanced dynamically in an electronic balance machne. The thrust (axial force) is balanced with the back vanes.
•    Since the shaft diameter is high resistans to bending and the distance between the bearing and the sealing is short, pump can operate at optimal conditions for the sealing. The pump is provided with the rigid shaft capable of supporting different loading conditions.
•    Rolling bearings are used in centrifugal pumps. Bearings are lubricated by liquid lubricant or grease.
•    At CPH series chemical process pumps, motor and coupling applications are done according to Atex standarts, where necessary.
•    Mechanical seals and other equipments, that are being used in ATEX approval for CPH series, are determined by the explosive conditions.
•    HMH series pumps are single stage, end-suction, mono-block type centrifugal volute pumps.They are standard standart production wiyh enclosed impeller and mechanical seal.
•    Basic dimensions and flow rate EN 733 (DIN 24255) are compatible with proposed values.
•    The thrust (axial force) acting on the motor is compensated by means of the abrasion gasket and balancing holes.
•    Motor and pump are two separate components and there are two shafts. The motor shaft is joined to the pump shaft by a special clamp. In the case of motors with power over a certain value the pump and the motor shafts are joined by seperate rigid coupling.
•    Maintenance - repair processes are very easy due to the back pull-out design.
•    Effective use of common parts in the design of the HMH series facilitates spare parts acquisition and delivery times.
•    Standart asynchronous motors are used for propulsion.
•    In HMH pumps shaft leaking in prevented with a mechanical seal. All radial and axial thrust forces are supported by the motor bearing.
•    Single-stage inline type centrifugal pumps are produced with standart motors and mechanical seal.
•    Pump flanges are designed in PN 16 pressure category compatible with DIN 2533. The suction and discharge flanges are identical and are on the same axis. Both flanges are equipped with pressure gage tapings.
•    Single entry, closed impeller is equipped with rear rings to balance thrust and is dynamically balanced.
•    Motor is connected to the pump by an adaptor and a flange.
•    Motor shaft is joined to pump shaft by a special clamp. In the case of motors with power over a certain value the pump and the motor shafts are joined by seperate rigid coupling.
•    Pump shaft,motor and other parts can be removed without replacing the suction and discharge flanes and the pump volute. Thus, assembly and maintenance producers are carried out very easily.
•    Standart asynchronous motor is used to activate pump.
•    In NMM pumps shaft leakage is prevented by a mechanical seal. All radial and thrust forces are supported by the motor bearing.
•    HMK series pumps have horizontal axis.
•    Pump impellers are dynamically balanced, single-entry and closed type. The impeller is situated between bearings on either side at HMK series.
•    Back wear rings can be changed if necessary.
•    Both series are consists of 5 types which are 32,40,50,65 and 80. Stage number varies between 2 to 14 at HMK series.
•    Suction and discharge flanges are PN40 compatible with DIN 2535 at HMK series. BS, ANSI or other standart flange sizes can be obtained if necesssary.
•    Standart assembly has the discharge flange at the motor end with disharge flange facing upwords and suction flange and the dead end facing towards rigth and rotating clockwise at HMK series. Alternative assembly is possible upon request.
•    HMU series, multistage, horizontal centrifugal pumps.
•    High-efficiency stainless steel impeller is manufactured using precision molding technology used.
•    Single entry enclosed type impeller is dynamically balanced.
•    The pump and the motor are connected by means of a flexible coupling on a common base plate. The flanges are compatible with DIN 2535.
•    Pump shaft is designed for easy maintenance and repair with problem-free dismantling.
•    When viewed from the motor end, the suction flange is opposite the motor and on the motor.
•    Suction and discharge ports can be fitted in different directions and 90° apart.
•    HME series pumps have horizontal axis, radial separable body and are multistage centrifugal pumps that can be dismantled in stages.
•    Closed type impellers are situated between bearing and are balanced dynamically.
•    Impeller balance is achieved with back wear rings and balance holes. A balance disc or drum can be used for very high pressures.
•    HME series includes 5 types depending on stage number, rotation speed, maximum flow rate and vary between 2-15 stages.
•    In standard manufacture, the pump and the motor are connected by means of a flexible coupling on a single base  plate. In standart assembly the discharge port is at the other side with flange oriented towards the left. Alternative  Designs can be obtained upon request.
•    Suction and discharge flanges can be situated on the left, right and on the top. On special order, the suction flange can be positioned at the motor end. In that case motor rotation would be in a counter-clockwise direction.
Description :
•    These are horizontal type, single stage, single entry, horizontal volute type pumps with a horizontal suction port on the axis and the discharge port on the top, and enclosed impeller.
•    Since the volute is symmetrical it can be assembled to be used in either direction. Thanks to this feature, it can also be used with motors which rotate counterclockwise.
•    UNM pump impellers are dynamically balanced to the base. The axial thrust is compensated by rear back wear rings and balance holes.
•    The pumps are equipped with a rigid shaft that can operate under different loads.
•    The sliding bearing within the suction body is lubricated with water.
•    The construction is compact thanks to the short distance between the bend-resistant shaft and bearing and the volute. This feature allows it to be used in space-restricted (eg.Marine Fire Brigade)
•    In standart configurations, two roller bearings are used. A console bearing is optional.
Description :
•    These are single stage, end suction centrifugal pumps.
•    The main pump dimensions are compatible with DIN 24256 (ISO 2858).
•    Performances are compatible with NFPA standarts.
•    The single entry, enclosed impeller is dynamically balanced against thrust (axial force) by means of balance holes and back wear rings. The pump and the motor are connected by flexible coupling onto a common base plate.
•    Shaft leak prevention is provided by soft packing gaskets according to NFPA requirements.
•    The maintenance of the pump is very easy. The shaft and the rotating parts can easily be removed without touching the suction and discharge systems.
•    Since there are very many common parts it is easy find and store spare parts.
•    YNM series fire pumps can be manufactured according to 12845 standards
• single-stage, end-suction centrifugal volute pumps.
• Main dimensions, compatible with EN 733 (DIN 24255) norm.
• Single suction with closed impeller and thrust balanced by means of counter-balancing holes and back wear rings, thus acquiring a dynamic balance.
• The Pump and the motor have a standart connection to the common base plate with a flexible coupling. Maintenance and repair procedures are easily carried out since the pump fixtures can be removed with the volute body.
• Use of extended coupling also enables the removal of the pump fixtureswithout moving the motor or the volute body.
• The series has been designed so that parts are easily replaced and standardized. The entire series şs made uf of only 6 bearings and 10 shaft types, thus simplifying spare parts procurement.
Description :
•    CSV series double-suction vertical in-line centrifugal pumps are equipped with standart motors and mechanical seals.
•    The impellers of CSV type pumps are (full) radial, double- sloped (Francis type) or mixed flow types.
•    Bearing isprovided with two grease lubricated, 6300 C3-type deep groove ball bearings according to DIN 625.
•    TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) 3 phase, squirrel caged, in accorrdance to DIN 42673, IM 2001B35 type (with flange) electrical motor which complies with DIN IEC and VDE is used to drşve the pump in proper speed and power.
•    CSV series are used successfully in large-capacity water transfer in tight spaces thanks to their compact structurew, highly efficient construction and the impeller geometry.


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