U Power is an international trading company specialized in trading activity of frozen and chilled beef, poultry, lamb, goat, meat offals from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary to all over the world.

Our head office is situated in Turkey (Istanbul) together with 2 strategically located offices in Bulgaria and Romania.

We have become the trusted suppliers to importers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurants and caterers of meat . All our halal beef and veal comes from local Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary farms and are mostly grass fed. We proud ourselves in selecting only the best natural and grass fed meats.

Our meats come directly from the farms to our store, no middle man involved.
U Meat Market is always a great way to add fresh, simple variety and delicious quality beef and lamb for your family meal!

We will be happy to have the opportunity to start working with you, provide you with our experience, professional approach to the business, highly personalized service and the will to work hard for mutual benefit.

We just do Halal business.
Please see our food division group through www.helalmeats.com


U Power International

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